Exiting Gracefully, LLC

Valerie Armand LPN

QLC and NPEC Certified End of Life Doula

Dying Your Way Consultant

Consulting, Education and Mentoring

"Building trust, being allowed into someone's life when they are most vulnerable, filled with fear of the unknown, is an incredible privilege. 
It is one I never take lightly."

 I had the privilege of journeying        alongside of my mother as she          battled ovarian cancer for three         years. It was only in her last months that I became employed and              educated in the Hospice field. Even   

with limited experience, I knew, and   

accepted, the responsibility of being a mostly long distance caregiver, as      well as the "go to" person for               navigation and decision making. The  end result was a dignified and             prepared death for my mother, and    allowed our family to avoid added      stress, regrets and complicated grief.

In the 17 years that followed, I have    accompanied numerous patients and their families as they too were faced  with situations beyond their control.  Providing education, support and        empowering others to maintain a        sense of control in an uncontrollable  situation is my passion and calling.  I  feel obligated to use my wealth of      

 experience in helping others in any   way I can.


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