About Valerie


Originally from Upstate NY, I obtained my LPN license in 1997 and shortly thereafter found myself in Louisiana.  I started a family and have spent the past 15 years of my Nursing career in the Hospice field.  Having felt that I had outgrown the traditional Hospice model and limited opportunities as an LPN, I was blessed to have found my true calling as an End of Life Doula -a person that helps people facing age related situations and / or serious illness navigate end of life holistically - physically, emotionally and spiritually.   My mission is to be a voice that advocates for removing the stigma from end of life discussions, empowering people and their loved ones to make educated choices, to make their wishes known, before they are faced with serious illness as well as when they are in crisis.   

In addition to private consulting and community education, I am a resource to Healthcare companies wishing to learn more about how EOL Doulas can benefit their clientele and enhance their overall model of practice with improved outcomes .